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From Dave, Bryan's Dad:

Thank you, everyone, for your prayers for Bryan. Also, thank you for your Father's Day messages to both Bryan and I. I got hugs from my two daughters today... but one hug was missing. I'm looking forward to the day that I get three... Happy Father's Day to all of you.


From Bonnie & Erin:

On a side note: we went to see Motley Crue in San Francisco with Bryan's roommate Danny and friends Thomas, Cindy and Rob. We have attended Motley concerts with him in the past, so needless to say he was in our thoughts all night. Especially when they played Home Sweet Home. During part of the show, Tommy Lee did an amazing drum solo..while going in circles on this giant, round rollercoaster type setup. We videotaped it and showed it to Bry the next day. He stared at it the entire 3 plus minutes of it. Bryan, on the long list of reasons for you to get better, we have added that you have concerts to attend. They aren't the same without you. Happy Fathers Day from your seeesters.
(Web administration apologizes these did not post on Sunday.)

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Sorry for not posting an update sooner! Things are moving slowly at the moment so there haven't been any new developments.

Doctors are still lowering Bryan's seizure medications, trying to adjust them to find a good balance. Bryan has been sleepy this week, but still tracking. We continue to play him music, talk to him, and read him your comments. If he hears us, he knows that Father's Day is approaching.

Bryan will make it through this and we believe his children are his motivation.

~Keep the prayers coming!

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Hello Everyone~
My name is Jacque Kain and I am the mother of Bryan's children. Because you all have been so supportive and caring not only about Bryan, but also thinking so much about the kids I thought I would let you all know that I have taken them to see their Dad. We have gone twice now and each time it gets a little easier. The kids have been so extremely strong through all of this and the visits have made them even stronger. Every night before dinner we all sit down and pray for Bryan to get better...
The first visit was amazing. Bryan's eye was open and he was actually tracking the kids when they would move around the room! That made the kids extremely happy. We are not sure if this was an involuntary action or if it was voluntary...but for now we will take it as voluntary!! :) Prior to the visit my husband and I talked with the kids about talking to their Dad as if he were able to talk back to them...kind of an awkward feeling for them, but they did it! They talked with him, touched him, hugged and kissed him. When we were done I asked them how they were feeling and our son said the sweetest thing I have ever heard...."It felt so good to hug Dad again...I miss him".
The second visit was even better, both eyes were open! He looked right at me then looked at Tabitha and Tyler...again, we were very excited. The love for ones child is amazing and I do believe that it will help Bryan to see his children more often. The kids are eagerly waiting to go again, and now that summer is here, we will be able to go whenever they want.
I would like to take this time and thank everyone for their wonderful, loving support. I want you to know that the kids and I sit down and read the posts on this website. We see and feel the prayers you all are sending and it is an amazing feeling. Being in the position I am in is a difficult one to say the least. When I read the beautiful prayers and posts I get the intense feeling that I'm not protecting the kids alone...thousands of people out there are praying for Bryan and his children and protecting them with God's bright light!....I am forever grateful for that. Please continue to pray for all involved and again, Thank You!
~Jacque, Tyler and Tabitha

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Bryan has been sleepy the past two days. They are starting to lower the Dilantin seizure medication, and will start lowering the Phenobarbital soon. He has a window room now, which is perfect. We all know how Bryan likes the outdoors.

We continue to read Bryan all the cards and letters that he receives AND the comments made here and on the Our Prayers page.

For now, we are just keeping an eye out for any progress, and we will keep everyone posted.


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Bryan is tracking with his eyes!

The doctors aren't sure if that is his brain reacting to voice and movement or if he does see us. We like to think he sees us, but if he doesn't its good to know that his brain has reactions. He should be off the fourth seizure medication today, then early next week they will start reducing another.

Yesterday was an emotional day. As we were in Bryan's room, we looked out the window to see 4 fire engines, rows of firefighters and police units. Sadly, San Francisco Fire lost one of their own, and another is in a room by Bryan in critical condition.

We ask that you all please say a prayer for the firefighters and their families... we will be praying right alongside you.

Please send your love to SFFD at: Prayers for San Francisco Fire Department on Facebook


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Hi everyone! Bryan was doing the same yesterday. Still pretty sleepy. Thankfully the blood clot in his leg isn't growing. They are still slowly lowering the 4th seizure medication and hoping it will be out of his system this week. The eeg and bandage was off of his head so he really looked like Bryan..except for the mullet that has become his hair. Anyone who knows Bryan knows how he feels about his hair. He's got to wake up soon and get some gel in there.

A close friend we made in Los Angeles that will be a part of our lives forever gave us each a cd of carefully chosen songs for Bryan and us. We listen to the cd driving to and from San Francisco every day. The first song on this cd was Let It Be by The Beatles. It really helps remind us on the days when life is uncertain.

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It's been an overwhelming week, but now back to the reason we established this site... Bryan.

Dr. Manley and the team are very slowly lowering the 4th seizure medicine (Topamac) Bryan is on. He should be off it sometime next week. They are still keeping an eye out for seizures... but so far, so good.

They are treating the blood clots that formed in his leg. He was sleepy today with not much activity. Hopefully more tomorrow.

Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support!

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We would like to take the moment to clarify our position in regards to recent developments. We truly appreciate every penny that has been raised by the countless number of amazing supporters across the country and even beyond our borders. We cannot express how grateful we are to those who have put in countless hours and sacrificed time out of their lives to help Bryan and his children.
There is no contribution that is greater than the other. In our eyes, every moment spent and each donation made, be it monetary or a prayer, is a gift to Bryan that we will never be able to repay in any way.  
We hope you will understand that this will be a long process. We simply want to ensure that Bryan and his children are taken care of and that Bryan receives all the care he needs.

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We would like to start off by thanking everyone for their thoughts and prayers for Bryan's recovery. We would also like to thank LAPD for all their hard work on this case. We are overwhelmed with many emotions today, and will post further tomorrow regarding that.

That being said, there has been comments and postings regarding Bryan's past. Bryan was not perfect...nobody is. In the 20 years since, Bryan turned his life around; became a father and settled into a career of helping people. Regardless of his history, he in NO way deserved this. His children most certainly did not deserve it.

We ask for respect for Bryan, our family and especially Bryan's children who were put in this situation without just cause and ask that everyone refrain from posting any judgemental comments.

For Bryan's supporters, thank you and keep Bryan in you're thoughts and prayers.

Dave, Ann, Erin and Bonnie

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In honor of National EMS week, our family would like to give our love and thank all EMS for everything they do. It takes a different kind of person to do what you do...someone who is willing to put others needs in front of your own; it takes a type of compassion that not everyone has. Maybe people don't thank you enough...but from our family to you and yours....THANK YOU. And to our favorite paramedic...we love you.

Dave, Ann, Bonnie & Erin

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